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September 6, 2008 at 3:46 pm 2 komentar

i wish a light would shine to my eyes
then it could bring the light to my darkened soul
i’ve been so tired now i’m stop searching for that light
but now i’ve found the light i’ve looked for
and i’ve seen it in your eyes
your smile tells me to be brave,
it becomes the spirit that would never die
a fire that never seem to stop burning

but it’s too bad
because you will never be mine
we’re not meant to be together
you’re too hard to accept
you’re not the kind of my dreamed boy
i need you become somebody else
somebody better…
but can you?

everyone knows that nobody could be somebody else… so do you
you could be nobody else
but i still wondering why
why can i still like u just the way you are?
is this love?
~~ 25 Agustus 2003, 2.00 PM @ R.40 sMantie [klo da salah grammar biasa,, namanya juga anak masi SMA]

scratched poem, nemu waktu beres2 kamar.. wehehe..
waktu nulis ntu ku bner2 no feeling.. ya nulis2 aja, gak diambil ati..
bner2 gak nyangka klo hal itu bakal bneran kejadian..

wehehehehe… why so serious?


Entry filed under: colorful feelings.

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2 Komentar Add your own

  • 1. swamp  |  Desember 3, 2008 pukul 6:41 am

    emang ‘you’ tuh sapa wenk? jadi berprediksi…

  • 2. weNk  |  Desember 11, 2008 pukul 3:24 am

    you sapa ya?
    ya kagak teu buk,, namanya juga ngawur..

    bwakakakakak.. 😛

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